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Adding Custom Folders for Enterprise Template Projects to Visual Studio .NET Dialog Boxes
Describes how to create top-level folders in various Visual Studio .NET dialog boxes for easy access to Enterprise Template projects. Readers should be familiar with Visual Studio .NET and Enterprise Templates.
Adding Projects that Do Not Support Policy to an Enterprise Template
Describes the steps necessary to include this type of project in an Enterprise Template: creating a custom wizard script; making Visual Studio aware of the custom wizard; attaching the custom wizard to an Enterprise Template project. Readers should be familiar with Visual Studio .NET and Enterprise Templates.
Enterprise Templates: Building an Application Construction Kit in Visual Studio .NET 2003
Explains one approach for using Enterprise Templates with other Visual Studio .NET features to create an "application construction kit."
Object Role Modeling: An Overview
Provides an overview of Object Role Modeling (ORM), a fact-oriented method for performing information analysis at the conceptual level. The version of ORM discussed here is supported in Microsoft Visio for Enterprise Architects, part of Visual Studio .NET Enterprise Architect.
Restricting Developers to Custom Project or Item Types with Enterprise Templates
Enterprise Templates and policy make it easy to filter the Add New Item dialog box for a particular project. However, if a custom project item is similar to a standard project item, it might be hard to allow only the custom item to be used without generating inappropriate policy reminders. This paper describes how to avoid this problem by modifying the definition of the standard project item to separate the portion that contains the prototype from the portion that handles identification.
Using Custom Code Attributes for TDL Identification in Enterprise Templates
Describes how to associate an attribute with a class and use the attribute-value pair to uniquely identify any class in your code so that your policy can control the use of the class. Readers should be familiar with Visual Studio .NET and Enterprise Templates.

Product Documentation

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