This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Select Component Dialog Box

Visual Studio .NET 2003

The Select Component dialog allows you to select component files to include in the browsing scope. To access the Select Component dialog box, click the Browse button in the Component Selector dialog box.

Look In
Lists the directory structure for the system. Select a folder to browse its contents.
Allows you to return to the previously selected item. Click multiple times to go back multiple levels.
Up One Level
Moves the current view up one folder level towards the root folder.
Search the Web
Brings you to the MSDN search site where you can search for additional files to browse.
Deletes the currently selected item.
Create New Folder
Creates a new subfolder in the current folder.
Allows you to choose a particular directory view. You can change the view either by clicking the button or by selecting the type in the drop-down list. The available choices are:
  • List – Files and folders are listed alone, without headers or details.
  • Details – Files and folders are listed with headers and details.
  • Properties – Displays the properties of the currently selected file if any are available.
  • Previews – Displays a preview, if one is available, of the currently selected file.

You can also arrange an icon view by name, type, size, and date.

Allows you to delete the selected file, add it to your Favorites list, or map a network drive.
Click the button of the folder in which you want to search. Click the History button to search the History folder, My Projects to search the My Projects folder, and so forth.
File name
Allows you to enter the name of a file, or displays the name of the currently selected file.
Files of type
Filters the view of files by file type.

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