This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

<Projectname> Property Pages Dialog Box

Visual Studio .NET 2003

Specifies global settings for your project. These settings act as defaults, controlling the appearance and behavior of the items in your project throughout its life cycle. Properties are saved in the project's .vbproj file.

A project's property pages are only available when the project is selected in Solution Explorer; property pages are not available for individual files. However, you can access a file's properties in the Properties window. For more information on displaying the Property Pages dialog box, see Setting Visual Basic Project Properties.

For information on the Build menu in the Visual Studio shell, see Default and Custom Builds.

The following controls are always available from the Configuration Properties folder in the Property Pages dialog box.

Lists the target configurations for the project properties – for example, Debug, Release, or all. You can choose the configuration for which you want to set properties.
Lists the target platforms for the project.
Configuration Manager
Launches a dialog box that allows you to manage the solution and project configurations. For more information, see Configuration Manager Dialog Box.

The <Projectname> Property Pages dialog box contains multiple tabs, or pages. Select any of the links below for information on the settings on that page.

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