This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Debugging: Name and Password Required Dialog Box

Visual Studio .NET 2003

Before you can debug client script in ASP pages, you must enable debugging. When your project is enabled for ASP debugging (see the Debugging property page in your project's Property Pages dialog box) and when you start a debugging session, the project system checks that the server is configured for debugging. For example, you can enable debugging by either:

  • Setting up a Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS) package to allow you to attach the debugger to the Web application. The package's identity is set when you first start the debugging session by asking you to provide your name and password.
  • Setting the IIS application to run in its own memory space (in COM terms, it runs out-of-process).
  • Enabling the IIS application's debugging options.

You can perform the first two steps manually on the server. When you end your debugging session, the project system restores the server debugging settings and out-of-process settings to their previous values.

Note that you cannot enable both ASP.NET and ASP debugging.

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