HTML View, HTML Designer

This view displays the HTML markup for your Web page. To select HTML View, click the HTML tab at the bottom of the HTML Designer window. By default, all HTML elements and scripts are displayed when you initially select HTML view. You can drag and drop elements from the Toolbox just as you do when you are editing a Web page in Design view, and see their markup inserted into the document.

Object Selector
A drop-down list of all scriptable objects in the current document. After you select an object from the list, you can select an event for which you write a handler.
Event Selector
A drop-down list that includes all events sent to the selected object for which you can write handlers. After you select an event for an object, the appropriate handler skeleton is inserted into your document. Events that already have handlers are displayed in bold.
Script Only View
Click to display only the scripts in the current document.
Full HTML View
Click to display all HTML elements and scripts. This is the default view when you select the HTML tab at the bottom of the HTML Designer pane.

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