Relations Collection Editor

Allows you to create, edit, and delete the Relations property of an untyped dataset, which contains a collection of DataRelation objects.

Note   You can use this dialog box to create DataRelation objects only in an untyped dataset. For typed datasets, you create tables and columns using the XML Designer. For more information, see Creating DataRelation Objects with the XML Designer.

DataRelation objects:

  • Provide a link between two tables so that you can find related child records for a particular parent record and vice versa.
  • Give you the option to implement referential integrity between parent and child tables by creating a foreign key constraint. The constraint can prevent a parent record from being deleted if related child records exist, or it can cascade a change (such as a delete) from a parent record to child records.

For more information about DataRelation objects, see Introduction to DataRelation Objects.

To display the editor, select the untyped dataset in the form or component, and then in the Properties window, click the button in the Relations property.

Creates a new DataRelation object in the collection. When you click this button, the editor displays the Relation dialog box, where you can specify properties of the DataRelation object, such as the parent and child tables and the keys that relates the tables.
Displays the Relation dialog box for the selected relation, allowing you to modify it.
Deletes the selected relation object. Removing a relation does not also remove any foreign key constraints defined with the relation.
Note   You cannot undo this action.

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