Configuration Manager Dialog Box

Use this dialog box to create and edit solution build configurations and project configurations. Any changes you make to solution build configurations are reflected on the Configuration page of the Solution Property Pages dialog box. You can access the Configuration Manager from the Build menu, from the Solution Property Pages dialog box, or from the solution configuration drop-down in the main toolbar.

Active solution configuration
Displays the available solution build configurations. Use either this drop-down list or the Configuration drop-down list on the main toolbar to change the active solution configuration. To create new solution configurations and modify existing ones, choose <New...> or <Edit...> from the drop-down list.
Project contexts
Each entry under Project Contexts in the selected solution build configuration includes a project name, drop-down lists of configuration kinds and platforms, and check boxes for selecting those projects to be built and (if enabled) deployed. The combination of kind and platform chosen determines the project configuration that will be used. Click the column headers to sort the columns in the grid.
Displays the names of projects found in the current solution.
Displays the kind of project build desired, and lists all of the available kinds of builds. To create a new kind of project build or rename an existing one, choose <New...> or <Edit...> from this drop-down list.
Displays the platform on which the desired build must run and lists all of the available platforms for the project. To add a new platform or edit an existing one, choose <New...> or <Edit...> from this drop-down list. The kind of project you are working with determines whether you can add more than one platform and what platforms are available for you to add to the project. When you add a platform for a project, a new project configuration is created.
Specifies whether or not the project will be built by the current solution configuration. Projects not selected are not built, despite any project dependencies on them. Projects not selected to be built are still included in debugging, running, packaging, and deployment of the solution.
If enabled, specifies whether or not the project will be deployed when the Run or Deploy commands are used with the selected solution build configuration. This check box only appears for deployable projects.

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