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Navigating within the Integrated Development Environment

You can use various techniques to move among documents in the integrated development environment (IDE).

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Moving among Open Documents

The integrated development environment (IDE) provides several ways to quickly move among open documents. The most common methods are toggling to each open document and moving through your document selection history.

To move among documents and windows

  • Use CTRL + SHIFT + TAB to toggle through open documents in an editor or click the tab of the document you want to view.

For information about moving through files, see Navigating Code and Text.

Bookmarking .htm Documents and Help Topics

The integrated development environment (IDE) includes a Web browser, which allows you to view .htm files in your projects. Also, the Help topics that are included with Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) and the Visual Studio Start Page are .htm files. You can bookmark any of these items and view them again by using the Favorites window.

To bookmark .htm documents and Help topics

  1. Right-click within the document or Help topic and choose Add to Favorites.
    Tip   For .htm files in a project, make sure you are viewing the file in a Web browser.
  2. In the Add Favorite dialog box, enter a title for the page; this title will appear in the Favorites window.
  3. Click OK.

After you have added the page to your favorites list, open the Favorites window to see them; there is no need to type the URL in the Address field. The Favorites window is available on the View menu under Other Windows.

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