Excluding Files from a Project Output Group

When a project output group is added to a deployment project, all of the files within the project output group are added to the project. In some cases, you may not want all of the files to be deployed; to prevent them from being deployed, you can exclude them. For example, the Content Files output group for a Web project might contain a debug.htm file; to prevent this file from being deployed, you can exclude it.

To exclude files via the ExcludeFilter property

  1. In the Name column of the File System Editor, select a project output group.
  2. On the Action menu, choose ExcludeFilter.

    The Filter dialog box will be displayed.

  3. In the Filter dialog box, click the Add Filter button.

    The Add Filter dialog box will be displayed.

  4. In the Add Filter dialog box, type the name of the file or files to be excluded. The file extension must be included; wildcard characters can be used to exclude groups of files.

    For example, you might type Debug.htm to exclude a specific file, or you might type *.txt to exclude all text files.

    Note   Files can also be excluded from a project in Solution Explorer. Files that are excluded from a project are not included in a project output group.

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