Working with Code, HTML, and Resource Files

The Visual Studio .NET environment provides a number of tools that allow you to edit code and text, HTML, and framesets, to add controls, to discover code and external components, and much more.

In This Section

Coding Techniques and Programming Practices
Discusses the various styles and techniques for coding, along with the best practices for optimizing your coding efforts.
Editing Code, HTML, and Text
Describes the Visual Studio .NET code and text editor and HTML Designer, how to navigate through code, change its format, outline and search for code, and more.
Coding Aids
Explains how to create, display, and customize framesets in your HTML documents.
Working with Resource Files
Explains how to add new resources to your project and modify those resources using the appropriate resource editor.

Related Sections

Managing Solutions, Projects, and Files
How to manage items in Solution Explorer.
Upgrading Existing Code
How to convert your existing code to Visual Studio .NET.
Default and Custom Builds
How to build your code using either the default build configurations or by creating your own.