This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

HTML and XML Schema Extensibility

Visual Studio .NET 2003

As Web browsers add support for new versions of popular markup languages like HTML and XML, you can design custom markup schemas to support these new language versions. By inserting special Visual Studio .NET annotations into the element definitions of a custom markup language schema, you can add a new setting for the targetSchema property. This will direct the integrated development environment (IDE) to use your custom schema to support IntelliSense statement completion and markup validation as you edit an HTML or XML document in the HTML Designer. For more information, see targetSchema Property and Setting the targetSchema Property of an HTML Document.

In This Section

Authoring and Using Custom Schemas Backgrounder
Explains the process for adding schema support for new versions of HTML and XML
Visual Studio .NET Schema Annotations
Provides a list of vs: annotations that can be inserted into element definitions within custom schema files

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