We recommend using Visual Studio 2017

Getting Assistance

The place to look for information on using the documentation set, contacting product support, and accessibility features.

In This Section

Locating Readme Files
Information about where to find readme files, which contain late breaking information about the product.
Accessibility for People with Disabilities
Information about available accessibility features and tools.
Using Help in Visual Studio .NET
Information about documentation conventions as well as strategies for locating information within the documentation set.
Product Support
Information about copyright information, product support, accessibility, and readme files.

Related Sections

Introducing Visual Studio .NET
Information about new features, a high-level overview of Visual Studio .NET, the .NET Framework, and tips for getting starting.
Samples and Walkthroughs
Information about how to create rich client applications, Web Forms applications, and creating and accessing Web services as well as information on the sample applications Fitch and Mather and Duwamish.
Developing with Visual Studio .NET
Information on the shared tools that allow you to design, develop, debug, and deploy applications.