Deployment Concepts

Deployment in Visual Studio .NET is based on Windows Installer technology and differs greatly from the setup technologies found in earlier versions of Visual Studio. The following topics cover basic concepts related to deployment in Visual Studio .NET.

In This Section

Introduction to Microsoft Windows Installer
Provides an overview of Windows Installer technology.
Introduction to Merge Modules
Provides an overview of merge modules that can be used to distribute components.
Installer vs. Merge Module Recommendations
Explains when to use merge modules instead of installers.
Retargetable Merge Modules
Describes creating merge modules that can be configured by other developers.
Files, Folders, and Deployment
Explains how to control where files are installed.
Deployment and Associations
Explains how to associate file extensions with an application.
Deployment and Authenticode Signing
Describes the use of Authenticode signing in deployment.
Deployment and Dependencies
Describes the role of dependencies in deployment.
Deployment and Localization
Describes creating localized installers.
Deployment and the Registry
Provides an overview of working with the registry.
Deployment and the Run-Time User Interface
Explains how to provide a user interface during installation.
Deployment and the Global Assembly Cache
Describes the installation of assemblies to the global assembly cache.
Custom Actions
Describes running scripts or programs as part of an installation.
Administrative Installation
Describes installation to an application server.
Conditional Deployment
Provides an overview of using conditions for selective installation.
Deployment Conditions
Describes conditions that are used in conditional deployment.
Deployment Dialog Boxes
Provides links to topics that describe each of the installation dialog boxes.
Installation Dialog Box Restrictions
Describes limitations and restrictions for installation dialog boxes.

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Deployment Projects
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