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Third-Party Utilities to Enhance Accessibility

Visual Studio .NET 2003

A wide variety of accessibility aides, or assistive technology products, are available to make computers easier to use for people with disabilities. Microsoft provides a searchable catalog of accessibility aids that run on Microsoft Windows operating systems at http://www.microsoft.com/enable/.

Among the different types of products available for the MS-DOS®, Windows, and Windows NT operating systems are:

  • Programs that enlarge the information displayed or alter the color of information on the screen.
  • Programs that describe information on the screen in Braille or synthesized speech.
  • Hardware and software utilities that modify the behavior of the mouse and keyboard.
  • Programs that enable people to "type" using a mouse or their voice.
  • Word or phrase prediction software that enables people to type more quickly and with fewer keystrokes.
  • Alternative input devices, such as single switch or puff-and-sip devices.

To learn more about these products, see More Accessibility Information.

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