This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

TextDocument Object Properties, Methods and Events

Visual Studio .NET 2003


DTE Property (General Extensibility) Returns the top-level extensibility object.
EndPoint Property (General Extensibility) Returns the edit point that is the location of the end of the document.
Parent Property (General Extensibility) Returns the Document parent object of the TextDocument object.
Selection Property (General Extensibility) Returns the TextSelection Object associated with the TextDocument object, either the active pane, or the top pane if neither is active.
StartPoint Property (General Extensibility) Returns the TextPoint Object representing the beginning of the text document.


ClearBookmarks Method Removes all unnamed bookmarks in the text document.
CreateEditPoint Method (General Extensibility) Creates and returns an EditPoint Object at a specified location or, if no location is given, at the beginning of the document.
MarkText Method Returns whether the indicated text was found in the text document, and creates unnamed bookmarks wherever matching text is found.
ReplacePattern Method (General Extensibility) Replaces matching text throughout an entire text document.

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