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vsCMTypeRef Enum

The data type that the function returns. This can be a CodeTypeRef object, a vsCMTypeRef constant, or a fully qualified type name.

Constant Value Description
vsCMTypeRefOther 0 Data type not in this list
vsCMTypeRefCodeType 1 CodeType
vsCMTypeRefArray 2 Array
vsCMTypeRefVoid 3 Void
vsCMTypeRefPointer 4 Pointer
vsCMTypeRefString 5 String
vsCMTypeRefObject 6 Object
vsCMTypeRefByte 7 Byte
vsCMTypeRefChar 8 Char
vsCMTypeRefShort 9 Short
vsCMTypeRefInt 10 Int
vsCMTypeRefLong 11 Long
vsCMTypeRefFloat 12 Float
vsCMTypeRefDouble 13 Double
vsCMTypeRefDecimal 14 Decimal
vsCMTypeRefBool 15 Bool (Boolean)
vsCMTypeRefVariant 16 Variant


Namespace: EnvDTE

File: dte.tlb

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