vsCMFunction Enum

A constant indicating the type of function, such as whether the function is a property-get, a method, and so forth.

Constant Value Description
vsCMFunctionOther 0 A type of function not in this list.
vsCMFunctionConstructor 1 A constructor.
vsCMFunctionPropertyGet 2 A property get.
vsCMFunctionPropertyLet 4 A property let.
vsCMFunctionPropertySet 8 A property set.
vsCMFunctionPutRef 16 A put ref.
vsCMFunctionPropertyAssign 32 A property assign function.
vsCMFunctionSub 64 A sub.
vsCMFunctionFunction 128 A function.
vsCMFunctionTopLevel 256 A top level function.
vsCMFunctionDestructor 512 A destructor.
vsCMFunctionOperator 1024 An operator.
vsCMFunctionVirtual 2048 A virtual function.
vsCMFunctionPure 4096 A pure function.
vsCMFunctionConstant 8192 A constant.
vsCMFunctionShared 16384 A shared function.
vsCMFunctionInline 32768 An inline function.


Namespace: EnvDTE

File: dte.tlb

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