This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

SuppressUI Property

Visual Studio .NET 2003

Returns or sets whether UI should be displayed during the execution of automation code.

[Visual Basic .NET]
Public Property SuppressUI() As Boolean
[Visual Basic 6]
Property Get SuppressUI() As Boolean
Property Let SuppressUI( _
   ByVal NewValue As Boolean _
HRESULT __stdcall get_SuppressUI(
   /* [out, retval] */ VARIANT_BOOL* retVal
HRESULT __stdcall put_SuppressUI(
   /* [in] */ VARIANT_BOOL NewValue
public bool SuppressUI {get; set;}
[JScript .NET]
public function get SuppressUI() : Boolean
public function set SuppressUI(
   NewValue : Boolean


Required. Determines whether or not a UI displays.

Return Value

Returns True if the UI is suppressed, False if not.


Typically, automation clients do not want a UI to display and block the execution of the code. Some scenarios, however, might call for invoking commands or allowing for a special handling UI to display so that the automation client does not have to reproduce the work of those dialogs.


Sub SuppressUIExample()
End Sub

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Applies To: DTE Object