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OutputWindowPanes Collection

Visual Studio .NET 2003

Contains all Output windowpanes in the integrated development environment.






[Visual Basic .NET]
Public Interface OutputWindowPanes
    Inherits IDispatch
[Visual Basic 6]
Class OutputWindowPanes
interface OutputWindowPanes : IDispatch
public interface OutputWindowPanes : IDispatch
[JScript .NET]
public interface OutputWindowPanes extends IDispatch


Namespace: EnvDTE

File: dte.olb


Sub OutputWindowPanesExample()
   ' Create a tool window handle for the Output window.
   Dim win As Window = DTE.Windows.Item(EnvDTE.Constants.vsWindowKindOutput)
   ' Create handles to the Output window and its panes.
   Dim OW As OutputWindow = win.Object
   Dim OWp As OutputWindowPane

   ' Add a new pane to the Output window.
   OWp = OW.OutputWindowPanes.Add("A New Pane")
   ' Add a line of text to the new pane.
   OWp.OutputString("Some Text")
End Sub

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