This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

LinkedWindowFrame Property

Visual Studio .NET 2003

Returns a Window Object representing the window frame containing the window.

[Visual Basic .NET]
Public ReadOnly Property LinkedWindowFrame() As Window
[Visual Basic 6]
Property Get LinkedWindowFrame() As Window
HRESULT __stdcall get_LinkedWindowFrame(
   /* [out, retval] */ Window** retVal
public Window LinkedWindowFrame {get;}
[JScript .NET]
public function get LinkedWindowFrame() : Window

Return Value

Returns a Window object.


Note that if the window is in any way docked to the side of the main window, then the LinkedWindowFrame is the same object as the main environment window.

If the window is not linked, is of type LinkedWindowFrame, hidden, or a document, then LinkedWindowFrame returns Nothing. Hidden windows are not considered linked since they are not in a window frame.


Sub LinkedWindowFrameExample()
   Dim Frame As Window
   Dim w1 As Window = DTE.Windows.Item(Constants.vsWindowKindSolutionExplorer)
   Dim w2 As Window = DTE.Windows.Item(Constants.vsWindowKindOutput)
   ' Create a linked window frame and dock together the Solution Explorer 
   ' and Ouput windows together inside it.
   Frame = DTE.Windows.CreateLinkedWindowFrame(w1, w2, vsLinkedWindowType.vsLinkedWindowTypeDocked)
End Sub

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Applies To: Window Object