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ExpandView Method

Visual Studio .NET 2003

Expands the view of Project Explorer to show project items.

[Visual Basic .NET]
Public Sub ExpandView() 
[Visual Basic 6]
Sub ExpandView() 
HRESULT __stdcall ExpandView();
void ExpandView();
[JScript .NET]
public function ExpandView()


Use this method to expand the view in Project Explorer to show project items in the tree view.


Sub ExpandViewExample()
    Dim proj As Project
    Dim projitems As ProjectItems

    ' Reference the current solution and its projects and project items.
    proj = DTE.ActiveSolutionProjects(0)
    projitems = proj.ProjectItems

    ' Expand the first project to show all of its items.
End Sub

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Applies To: ProjectItem Object