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Events Object

Visual Studio .NET 2003

Allows access to all events in the extensibility model. Events may also be exposed from specific objects within the extensibility model.



[Visual Basic .NET]
Public Interface Events
    Inherits IDispatch
[Visual Basic 6]
Class Events
interface Events : IDispatch
public interface Events : IDispatch
[JScript .NET]
public interface Events extends IDispatch


The automation model contains a root Events object from which automation clients written in any language can reference automation events, such as the SolutionEvents Property.

Various IDE tools, project types, editors, and so forth may add additional events to the Events object that are specific to them. For example, Visual C++ adds the VCProjectItemsEvents property.


Namespace: EnvDTE

File: dte.olb


Public Module Module1
   Dim WithEvents bldevents As BuildEvents
   Dim applicationObject As EnvDTE.DTE

   Sub EventsExample()
      Dim addInInstance As EnvDTE.AddIn

      applicationObject = CType(Application, EnvDTE.DTE)
      bldevents = CType(applicationObject.Events.BuildEvents, EnvDTE.BuildEvents)
   End Sub

   Private Sub bldevents_OnBuildDone(ByVal Scope As EnvDTE.vsBuildScope, ByVal Action As EnvDTE.vsBuildAction) Handles bldevents.OnBuildDone
      MsgBox("Build complete")
   End Sub
End Module

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