Visual Studio 6.0

unsigned char * _mbsnbcpy( unsigned char *dest, const unsigned char *src, size_t count );

Routine Required Header Compatibility
_mbsnbcpy <mbstring.h> Win 95, Win NT

For additional compatibility information, see Compatibility in the Introduction.


LIBC.LIB Single thread static library, retail version
LIBCMT.LIB Multithread static library, retail version
MSVCRT.LIB Import library for MSVCRT.DLL, retail version

Return Value

_mbsnbcpy returns a pointer to the character string that is to be copied.



Destination for character string to be copied


Character string to be copied


Number of bytes to be copied


The _mbsnbcpy function copies count bytes from src to dest. If src is shorter than dest, the string is padded with null characters. If dest is less than or equal to count it is not terminated with a null character.

Generic-Text Routine Mappings

TCHAR.H Routine _UNICODE & _MBCS Not Defined _MBCS Defined _UNICODE Defined
_tcsncpy strncpy _mbsnbcpy wcsncpy

String Manipulation Routines

See Also   _mbsnbcat, _mbsnbcmp, _mbsnbcnt, _mbsnccnt, _mbsnbicmp, _mbsnbset, _mbsncpy