Visual Studio 6.0

int _ismbblead( unsigned int c );

Routine Required Header Optional Headers Compatibility
_ismbblead <mbctype.h> or <mbstring.h> <ctype.h>,1 <limits.h>, <stdlib.h> Win 95, Win NT

1 For manifest constants for the test conditions.

For additional compatibility information, see Compatibility in the Introduction.


LIBC.LIB Single thread static library, retail version
LIBCMT.LIB Multithread static library, retail version
MSVCRT.LIB Import library for MSVCRT.DLL, retail version

Return Value

_ismbblead returns a nonzero value if the integer c is the first byte of a multibyte character. For example, in code page 932 only, valid ranges are 0x81 – 0x9F and 0xE0 – 0xFC.



Integer to be tested

Generic-Text Routine Mappings

TCHAR.H Routine _UNICODE & _MBCS Not Defined _MBCS Defined _UNICODE Defined
_istlead Always returns false _ismbblead Always returns false

Byte Classification Routines_ismbb Function Overview