Starting Remote Debugging

Visual Studio 6.0

After you have configured the connection on both ends, you can begin remote debugging.

To begin remote debugging

  1. Set up a shared directory that both the debugging host machine and the remote target machine can view.

    The shared directory can be on either machine or a network drive. The easiest option is to share the directory on the host machine that contains the project’s executable file.

    Note   If you can’t make a shared directory, copy the executable file and any needed DLLs to the remote target computer. With this method you need to be sure that the executable files and DLLs are recopied whenever changes are made.

  2. Load the project into the Visual C++ development environment.

  3. From the Project menu, click Settings.

    The Project Settings dialog box appears.

  4. Choose the Debug tab.

  5. In the Category list box, select General and set the following items:
    • Executable for Debug Session   Enter the name and path of the executable file as the debugger host computer sees it.

    • Working Directory    Leave blank.

    • Remote Executable Path   Enter the name and path of the executable file as the remote target computer sees it.
  6. In the Category list box, select Additional DLLs.

    Enter the name and path of any DLLs as the debugger host computer sees them.

  7. Start the remote debugger on the remote target computer.

    Find the Visual C++ and select the Visual C++ Debug Monitor icon. Click Connect to start the connection.

  8. From the Build menu, click Debugger Remote Connection.

    Confirm the choices for Platform and Connection or modify them as needed.

  9. Begin debugging.