Redistributable Files

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Applications built with Microsoft Visual C++ may require a number of supporting dynamic-link libraries (DLLs), depending on the way the application was built. The conditions under which you may or may not redistribute these files are described in the separate License Agreement included in the Visual C++ product. This article details the DLLs that must be redistributed with different types of applications.

Visual C++ redistributable files are located in several directories on the Visual C++ CD-ROM. See the file REDISTRB.WRI in the \OS\System directory on the Visual C++ CD-ROM for the locations of the redistributable files. These files are not installed by Visual C++ Setup in a separate directory on your hard disk. However, depending on the setup options you choose, Visual C++ Setup may install some of these files in your Windows System directory. When you redistribute any of these files, you should copy them from the CD to your own distribution disk image, rather than from your hard disk, to make sure you are redistributing the correct version of the files.

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