C Run-Time Library Debugging Support

Visual Studio 6.0

Visual C++  adds extensive debugging support to the C run-time library, letting you step directly into run-time functions when debugging an application. The library also provides a variety of tools to keep track of heap allocations, locate memory leaks, and track down other memory-related problems.

Much of the heap-checking technology included in the debug version of the C run-time library has been moved from the Microsoft Foundation Class library. To use the heap-checking technology, debug builds of MFC applications must now be linked with a debug version of the run-time library.

The library contains debug reporting functions, such as _CrtDbgReport and _CrtIsValidPointer; macros for verification and reporting, such as _ASSERT and _RPTn; functions that use a debug heap, such as debug versions of malloc, free, calloc, realloc, new and delete; and heap-monitoring functions, such as _CrtCheckMemory , _CrtDumpMemoryLeaks. It also includes functions, such as _CrtSetDumpClient and _CrtSetAllocHook, allow you to write and install your own hook functions with special features you need when debugging a complex application.

The C run-time debug functions are available for Windows 95 and Windows NT.