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Pre-defined Visual Studio Command Aliases

Aliases provide a means for entering a command into the Find/Command box or Command window by shortening the text needed to execute the command. For example, instead of entering >File.OpenFile to display the Open File dialog box, you can use the pre-defined alias >of.

Tip   Type >alias in the Command window to display a list of the current aliases and their definitions. Type >cls to clear the contents of the Command window.

The table below contains a list of the pre-defined aliases that come with Visual Studio .NET. You can easily create new aliases. For more information, see Creating Custom Aliases for Visual Studio Commands.

Some command names use arguments that allow you to completely bypass the user interface for a given dialog box. In addition, some command names have more than one pre-defined alias. Click the links for the command names below to display detailed topics that explain the correct syntax, arguments, and switches for those commands.

Command Name Alias Complete Name Required Arguments Optional Arguments
Print ? Debug.Print text  
Quick Watch ?? Debug.Quickwatch   text
Add New Project AddProj File.AddNewProject    
Alias Alias Tools.Alias   aliasname aliasstring
Autos window Autos Debug.Autos    
Breakpoints window bl Debug.Breakpoints    
Toggle Breakpoint bp Debug.ToggleBreakPoint   text
Call Stack window CallStack Debug.CallStack    
Clear Bookmarks ClearBook Edit.ClearBookmarks    
Close Close File.Close    
Close All Documents CloseAll Window.CloseAllDocuments    
Clear All cls Edit.ClearAll    
Command mode cmd View.CommandWindow    
View Code code View.ViewCode    
List Memory d Debug.ListMemory   /ANSI|Unicode
List Memory as ANSI da Debug.ListMemory /Ansi   /Count:number
List Memory One Byte format db Debug.ListMemory /Format:OneByte   /ANSI|Unicode
List Memory as ANSI with Four Byte format dc Debug.ListMemory /Format:FourBytes /Ansi   /Count:number
List Memory Four Byte format dd Debug.ListMemory /Format:FourBytes   /ANSI|Unicode
Delete to BOL DelBOL Edit.DeleteToBOL    
Delete to EOL DelEOL Edit.DeleteToEOL    
Delete Horizontal Whitespace DelHSp Edit.DeleteHorizontalWhitespace    
View Designer designer View.ViewDesigner    
List Memory Float format df Debug.ListMemory/Format:Float   /ANSI|Unicode
Disassembly window disasm Debug.Disassembly    
List Memory Eight Byte format dq Debug.ListMemory /Format:EightBytes   /ANSI|Unicode
List Memory as Unicode du Debug.ListMemory /Unicode   /Count:number
Evaluate Statement eval Debug.EvaluateStatement text  
Exit Exit File.Exit    
Format Selection format Edit.FormatSelection    
Full Screen FullScreen View.FullScreen    
Start g Debug.Start   address
Go To GotoLn Edit.GoTo   linenumber
Go to Brace GotoBrace Edit.GotoBrace    
F1Help Help Help.F1Help f1keyword  
Immediate Mode immed Tools.ImmediateMode    
Insert File as Text InsertFile Edit.InsertFileAsText    
List Call Stack k
Debug.ListCallStack   index /Count:number
Make Lower Case Lcase Edit.MakeLowercase    
Cut Line LineCut Edit.LineCut    
Delete Line LineDel Edit.LineDelete    
List Members ListMembers Edit.ListMembers    
Locals window Locals Debug.Locals    
Log Command Window Output Log Tools.LogCommandWindowOutput   filename
Command Window Mark Mode mark Tools.CommandWindowMarkMode    
Memory window Memory
Memory Window 2 Memory2 Debug.Memory2    
Memory Window 3 Memory3 Debug.Memory3    
Memory Window 4 Memory4 Debug.Memory4    
Set Radix n Debug.SetRadix   10|16|hex|dec
ShowWebBrowser nav
View.ShowWebBrowser URL /new
Next Bookmark NextBook Edit.NextBookmark    
New File nf File.NewFile filename
New Project np
Open File of
File.OpenFile fullpath /e:editorname
Open Project op File.OpenProject fullpath  
Collapse to Definitions/Stop Outlining OutlineDefs
Step Over p Debug.StepOver    
Parameter Information ParamInfo Edit.ParameterInfo    
Step Out pr Debug.StepOut    
Previous Bookmark PrevBook Edit.PreviousBookmark    
Print File print File.Print    
Properties Window props View.PropertiesWindow    
Stop q Debug.StopDebugging    
Redo redo Edit.Redo    
Registers window registers Debug.Registers    
Run to Cursor rtc Debug.RunToCursor    
Save Selected Items save File.SaveSelectedItems    
Save All SaveAll File.SaveAll    
Save As SaveAs File.SaveSelectedItemsAs    
Script Only View ScriptOnly View.ShowScriptOnly    
Shell shell Tools.Shell path
Stop Find In Files StopFind Edit.FindInFiles /stop    
Swap Anchor SwapAnchor Edit.SwapAnchor    
Step Into t Debug.StepInto    
Tabify Selection tabify Edit.TabifySelection    
Tasklist window TaskList View.TaskList    
Threads window Threads Debug.Threads    
Tile Horizontally TileH Window.TileHorizontally    
Tile Vertically TileV Window.TileVertically    
Toggle Bookmark ToggleBook Edit.ToggleBookmark    
Toolbox window toolbox View.Toolbox    
List Disassembly u Debug.ListDisassembly   /count:number
Make Uppercase Ucase Edit.MakeUppercase    
Undo undo Edit.Undo    
Untabify Selection Untabify Edit.UntabifySelection    
Watch window Watch Debug.Watch1    
Toggle Word Wrap WordWrap Edit.ToggleWordWrap    
List Programs | (I-bar) Debug.ListPrograms   index
List Threads ~ Debug.ListThreads   index

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