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Controls and Programmable Objects Compared in Different Languages and Libraries

This topic lists Visual Basic 6.0 controls, Windows Forms controls, ASP.NET and HTML server controls, MFC and ATL classes, and Visual FoxPro objects.

Visual Basic 6.0 object Windows Forms control NEW ASP.NET server control NEW HTML server control NEW MFC class ATL class Visual FoxPro object
ComboBox ComboBox DropDownList n/a CComboBox n/a ComboBox
ImageCombo ComboBox n/a n/a CComboBoxEx n/a Image
CheckBox ComboBox CheckBox, CheckBoxList HtmlInputCheckBox CButton n/a CheckBox
CommandButton Button Button, LinkButton, ImageButton HtmlInputButton, HtmlButton CButton n/a CommandButton
Frame GroupBox, Panel Panel n/a n/a n/a n/a
OptionButton RadioButton RadioButton, RadioButtonList HtmlInputRadioButton CButton n/a OptionButton; OptionGroup
CommonDialog FileDialog, PrintDialog, ColorDialog, FontDialog n/a n/a CCommonDialog n/a CommonDialog; GETFILE( ; GETDIR( )
ListBox ListBox ListBox HtmlSelect CListBox n/a ListBox
FileSystemObject Classes in System.IO n/a n/a CFile n/a Misc. functions
HScrollBar, VScrollBar HscrollBar, VscrollBar n/a n/a CScrollBar n/a n/a
COOLBar n/a n/a n/a CRebarCtrl n/a Toolbar
Label Label Label n/a CStatic n/a Label
TextBox TextBox TextBox HtmlInputText CEdit n/a TextBox; EditBox
Menu MainMenu, ContextMenu n/a n/a CMenu n/a Menu commands
Animation Images on controls support animated GIFs n/a n/a CAnimateCtrl n/a n/a
Form Form n/a HtmlForm CDialog, CFormView CDialogImpl, CWindow, CWindowImpl Form; FormSet
Timer Timer n/a n/a CWnd::SetTimer n/a Timer
DataGrid DataGrid DataGrid, DataList, Repeater HtmlTable n/a n/a Grid
DateTimePicker DateTimePicker n/a n/a CDateTimeCtrl n/a n/a
ImageList ImageList n/a n/a CImageList n/a ImageList
ListView ListView n/a n/a CListCtrl n/a ListView
Internet Transfer Classes in System.Net n/a HtmlInputFile CHttpConnection, CFtpConnection n/a Web Browser
MonthView MonthCalendar Calendar n/a CMonthCalCtrl n/a ActiveX Calendar; MonthView
ProgressBar ProgressBar n/a n/a CProgressCtrl n/a ProgressBar
PictureBox PictureBox Image HtmlInputImage CPictureHolder n/a n/a
RichTextBox RichTextBox n/a n/a CRichEditCtrl n/a RichTextBox
SSTab, TabStrip TabControl n/a n/a CTabCtrl n/a SSTab
StatusBar StatusBar n/a n/a CStatusBarCtrl n/a StatusBar
Slider TrackBar n/a n/a CSliderCtrl n/a Slider
Toolbar Toolbar n/a n/a CToolBarCtrl n/a Toolbar
TreeView TreeView n/a n/a CTreeCtrl n/a TreeView
UpDown NumericUpDown, DomainUpDown n/a n/a CSpinButtonCtrl n/a Spinner
WinSock Classes in System.Net n/a n/a CSocket n/a WinSock

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