This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Oracle Databases

Visual Studio .NET 2003

Visual Database Tools work with Oracle databases. You can design database diagrams, queries, and views in the same way you would for SQL Server databases. In addition, the tools are Oracle-aware, allowing you to use Oracle data objects such as synonyms and create Oracle-specific SQL commands.

In a few instances, however, you will find it useful to know how Visual Database Tools differ when you are working with Oracle databases. The following sections acquaint you with information specific to using Visual Database Tools with Oracle databases.

Note   These topics are not intended to explain Oracle databases. Instead, these topics describe unique Oracle features that are available through Visual Database Tools in addition to the features commonly available when using a SQL Server database. For more details about using Oracle databases, consult your Oracle database documentation. For more information on all of the features available with Visual Database Tools, see Visual Database Tools.

In This Section

Server Explorer for Oracle Databases
Describes the additional items in Server Explorer for Oracle databases.
General Considerations for Using Visual Database Tools with Oracle Databases
Identifies some general functionality that is different when using an Oracle database.
Query and View Designer Considerations for Oracle Databases
Describes some Oracle-specific differences while designing queries and views.

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