This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Policy Walkthroughs with TDL Files

Visual Studio .NET 2003

The topics below are intended for software architects, although anyone who uses the Template Description Language (TDL) should familiarize themselves with them. These walkthrough topics are extended tasks that provide hands-on instruction to help you become familiar with using and modifying Enterprise Templates. They show you how to change the general programming environment by creating new Enterprise Templates or make broad changes to existing Enterprise Templates. The tasks you complete in the various Enterprise Templates walkthrough topics generally build upon the custom template created in the topic, Walkthrough: Creating a New Enterprise Template. For this reason, you should complete Walkthrough: Creating a New Enterprise Template before trying the other walkthroughs in the following list.

In This Section

Walkthrough: Creating a New Enterprise Template Building Block
Shows how to create optional components that are not part of the original template architecture, including a language project prototype and a prototype for a single project item (a class).
Walkthrough: Applying Constraints in an Enterprise Template Policy File
Demonstrates how to provide guidance to developers by changing the way the Visual Studio IDE appears through constraining menu items, Toolbox items, and properties.

Related Sections

Walkthrough: Creating a New Enterprise Template
Shows you how to create an Enterprise Template used for creating distributed applications that include backend projects, user-interface projects, and a library of utility programs. This walkthrough clarifies how Enterprise Templates simplify the development process, especially for architects who want to develop their own templates.
Walkthrough: Creating a Template Using Subproject Wizards
Provides a series of detailed steps and conceptual information on how to use project wizards instead of static prototypes.
Walkthrough: Adding Building Blocks to the Template
Provides a series of detailed steps and conceptual information on how to add building blocks to a custom template.
Walkthrough: Adding Custom Help to an Enterprise Template
Demonstrates how to add your own help topics to the Enterprise Template you provide to developers. You can make these help topics available to the development team through the Dynamic Help window or F1 in the Visual Studio integrated development environment (IDE).
Common Policy Tasks
Provides links to a collection of tasks showing how to make specific small-scale changes to Enterprise Templates.