This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Planning Distributed Applications

Visual Studio .NET 2003

In the process of planning a distributed application, application architects and developers make numerous design decisions and technology choices. Sometimes the application dictates the decision; at other times, there is more freedom of choice. Ironically, it is when choices abound that problems arise. In these situations, the question that application architects and developers must answer is not "What will work?" but "What will work best?" The topics in this section focus on making informed decisions when planning distributed applications.

In This Section

Choosing Tools and Technologies
Provides recommendations on which tool or technology to use for a variety of situations.
Modeling Your Application and Data
Explains the purpose of application and data modeling in the application design process and introduces Universal Modeling Language (UML).
Planning World-Ready Applications
Gives links to topics with guidance on planning and developing world-ready applications.
Designing Accessible Applications
Provides links to topics that focus on developing applications that are enabled for use by the broadest spectrum of users.

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Introduction to Distributed Applications and Data Integration
Discusses data integration in distributed, scalable applications.
Enterprise Samples
Provides links to the two enterprise samples included in Visual Studio, which demonstrate distributed applications that use the .NET Framework.
Enterprise Templates for Distributed Applications
Lists links explaining the advantages and uses of Enterprise Templates in developing a reusable structure for complex distributed applications.