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Enterprise Templates and Security

Visual Studio .NET 2003

When working with Enterprise Templates, you or your team might encounter the following situations in which you might need to take extra security precautions:

  • Creating an application from an Enterprise Template. You use an Enterprise Template or policy file that you have received from a source outside your immediate team, such as in an e-mail message that you were not expecting.
  • Distributing an Enterprise Template. You plan to distribute to recipients outside of your team an Enterprise Template or policy file that you have created or customized.

In both cases you should be aware of potential security threats and ways to mitigate them. This section explains what to watch for and how to protect your own team and others.

In This Section

Security When Using Enterprise Templates
Points to topics describing security issues that you or your team might encounter when using an Enterprise Template to build an application.
Security When Distributing Enterprise Templates
Points to topics describing security issues to consider when you or your team are creating or customizing an Enterprise Template for distribution to others.
Security of Template and Policy Files
Explains general recommendations for securing an Enterprise Template project and its files from outside access.

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Adding Policy to an Existing Application
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Managing Enterprise Template-Based Projects Through Source Control
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Authoring Policy Files in Template Description Language
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Enterprise Template File Descriptions
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Distributing Policy, Prototypes, and Custom Help
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Making Custom Enterprise Templates Available from a Central Location
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Enterprise Templates Issues
Provides information about various aspects of using Enterprise Templates.
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