This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Choosing Tools and Technologies

Visual Studio .NET 2003

The following sections acquaint you with the available Microsoft tools and technologies for creating great distributed applications.

In This Section

Design Tools
Discusses the benefits of designing an application using Visio for Enterprise Architects, Enterprise Templates, Visual Database Tools, Crystal Reports, Wizards, and sample applications.
Infrastructure Technologies
Describes building a complex distributed application using the tested, high-performance server and infrastructure technologies available in the Microsoft .NET Framework.
Security Model
Provides links to topics covering authentication, authorization, user impersonation and application identity in ASP.NET, and database security.
Programming Languages
Discusses the programming languages available in Visual Studio .NET.
Data Access Technologies
Describes factors to consider when deciding between ADO.NET, ADO, and OLE DB.
Distributed Application Communication
Gives an overview of available communication programming models and provides a list of application requirements to consider when choosing a programming model.
XML in Visual Studio
Shows some of the places you can find information about XML as it relates to various Visual Studio feature areas, including data, Web Services, Web Forms, and reference materials.

Related Sections

Design Goals
Provides links to topics that examine fundamental application design goals such as performance and scalability.
Designing Distributed Applications
Examines the design issues associated with creating a distributed enterprise application for the .NET Platform.
Programming with Office
Provides information on using Microsoft Office and Visual Studio .NET as part of your business application.