This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

The project file <Filename> has a TDL file attribute of <Attributename>.

Visual Studio .NET 2003

The project file <Filename> has a TDL file attribute of <Attributename>. Policy files may not reside on URLs. Please specify an absolute path, relative path, or UNC path to the policy file.

You see this message if you enter the name of a policy (.tdl) file that contains a URL. The Policy File property appears in the Properties window when you select the project node in Solution Explorer.

Note   A network path to a policy file such as \\myserver\myshare\mypolicy.tdl is supported and does not result in this error message.

To correct this error

  • Remove the URL from the policy file, or reformat it so that it is no longer a URL. For example, change http(s)://myserver/myshare/mypolicy.tdl to \\myserver\myshare\mypolicy.tdl or D:\<folder path>\mypolicy.tdl.

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