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Testing for Manageability

Visual Studio .NET 2003

Testing for manageability is about making sure that the deployment, maintenance, and monitoring technologies you have designed into your application are working as expected. This section contains some important testing recommendations for verifying that you have created a manageable application.

Test Windows Management Instrumentation

WMI can provide important information about your application and the resources it uses. During the design of your application, you made certain decisions about the types of WMI information that should be provided. These might include server and network configurations, event log error messages, CPU consumption, available disk space, network traffic, application settings, and many other application messages. You must test for every source of information and be certain you can monitor each one.

Test Cluster Configuration

An important benefit of Application Center 2000 clustering is the ability to add a front- or back-end server while the application is still running. After physically installing new server hardware on the network, use your monitoring console to replicate the application image and start the server. The new server should automatically begin sharing some of the workload.

You should also be able to take a server offline for scheduled downtime. Try removing a server from the cluster and applying some application upgrades. The server removal should not cause any interruption of normal service. Make sure that the workload is automatically shifted to the remaining servers.

Test Network Load Balancing

If you have a multiple machine cluster, demonstrate that all machines are sharing the workload and actively serving pages. You can set up Application Center 2000's Performance Monitor (PerfMon) to track multiple front-end Web servers. After setting up PerfMon, make some requests to generate traffic. PerfMon will show that the back-end servers have an increase in traffic, and it will also show that the workload is being evenly spread across the front-end machines.

Test Application Synchronization

Application Center 2000 can automatically maintain synchronized files on a server. To prove this, delete some important files on a front-end server (such as the entire folder for your application). Then simply click the synchronization command and watch as the application's files are fully restored.

Test Change Control Procedures

An important part of application management is handling both scheduled and emergency maintenance changes. You should test and validate all of the change control procedures including both automated and manual processes. It is especially important to test all people-based procedures to make sure the necessary communication, authority, and skills are available to support an error-free change control process.

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