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Visual Studio .NET 2003

The ability to provide security to an application and its data is referred to here as securability. The securability of an application is impacted by numerous design choices, such as the selection of communication protocols and the method of user authentication. Most security vulnerabilities are not in security-related code. Instead, they are found in code that is unrelated to security and that was written without attention to security. This is why developers must be keenly aware of application securability.

In This Section

Securability Overview
Explains what application securability is and how it is measured.
Designing for Securability
Describes how certain design choices affect application securability.
Testing for Securability
Explains how to test for securability.
Staying Secure
Discusses the need for vigilance after deploying an application.
Best Practices for Securability
Provides useful implementation strategies and best practice recommendations.

Related Sections

Design Goals
Gives an introduction to six important design issues: availability, manageability, performance, reliability, scalability, and securability.
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Discusses how security is implemented in the Fitch and Mather 7.0 enterprise sample application.
Security Best Practices (Platform SDK)
Provides detailed information about security technologies available in Windows.
Securing Applications
Introduces code access security, role-based security, security policy management, and security tools in the .NET Framework.
ASP.NET Web Application Security
Explains how ASP.NET and Internet Information Services (IIS) work together to provide Web application security.
Key Security Concepts
Provides detailed information about security services provided by the .NET Framework.
A Blueprint for Building Web Sites Using the Microsoft Windows Platform
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Security Ramifications for IIS Applications
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