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Modifying Policy Files

Modifying Policy Files

Visual Studio .NET 2003

Although you can open a policy file in any text editor, it is probably simplest to edit it right in Visual Studio. (Because every policy file is an XML file, opening it using Microsoft Internet Explorer gives you the ability to expand and collapse its nodes, but you cannot edit it using Internet Explorer.)

In This Section

Editing Policy Files
Provides steps on how to edit your custom policy (.tdl) file, where to obtain feature definitions, how to constrain those features, and how to associate your policy file with a template and distribute to others.
Scope of Policy Files
Describes what pieces of Visual Studio can be affected by a policy file.
Adding Policy to Projects
Explains how policy files can be associated with any Visual Studio project, not just Enterprise Template projects.

Related Sections

Walkthrough: Creating a New Enterprise Template Building Block
Learn how to add a single element to an existing policy file by following the steps under "Defining an ELEMENT in a Policy File" in this topic.
Walkthrough: Applying Constraints in an Enterprise Template Policy File
Demonstrates how to edit a policy file to include constraints.

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