This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Enterprise Template Files

Visual Studio .NET 2003

The following topics describe the types of files that you can include in an Enterprise Template and explain how some of these files set Enterprise Templates apart from other Visual Studio projects.

In This Section

Enterprise Template File Descriptions
Lists various file types used in Enterprise Templates, their purpose, and typical location.
Enterprise Template Project (.etp) Files
Describes how .etp files can help when instantiating a new project and during application development.
Creating Virtual Folders in Enterprise Template Projects
Describes how Enterprise Template projects improve upon the idea of virtual folders and how to add a virtual folder to an Enterprise Template project.
Example Enterprise Template Project (.etp) File
Shows an example .etp file and describes the tasks it performs.

Related Sections

Template Prototype Files
Describes prototype files and how to add code to them in order to narrow their scope.
Enterprise Templates for Distributed Applications
Provides links to topics that describe the uses and advantages of Enterprise Templates and how to use them.