Graphics within Help Topics

Graphics representing See Also, Requirements, and Language Filter options appear in the header above the title of a topic. When you select these graphics, a pop-up window provides links to other topics, requirements, information for language elements, or topic-specific language filter options, respectively. Topics generally contain one or two of these graphics, although some might not have any.

Your Goal Graphic and Pop-up Type Description
To find related topics

See Also

Displays a list of topics that contain information related to the current topic. This information can also be found at the end of the topic in the See Also section.
To determine which components or tools are needed to use the language element


Displays a list of the requirements for the current language element. This information can also be found in the Requirements section of the topic itself.
To show only information related a particular language.

Language Filter

Displays a list of languages, such as Visual Basic, as well as Show All. Selecting one of the languages filters the contents of the topic to be specific to that language. Show All displays all of the information in the topic, regardless of which language it applies to. The language name that appears at the end of the topic title identifies what filter is currently applied to a topic. For example, [Visual Basic].

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