Visual Studio .NET 2003

The following enumerations are defined in the Visual Studio Debugger Object Model.

Enumeration Description
dbgBreakpointConditionType Enumeration For conditional breakpoints. Indicates a break when the condition is true, or when it has changed. Used by the ConditionType property in the Breakpoint object and by the Add method in the Breakpoints collection.
dbgBreakpointLocationType Enumeration The breakpoint location type. Used by the LocationType property.
dbgBreakpointType Enumeration The type of breakpoint. Used by the Type property.
dbgDebugMode Enumeration The current state of the debugger within the development environment. Used by the CurrentMode property of the Debugger object.
dbgEventReason Enumeration The reason supplied with most debugging events. Used by the Debugger object's LastBreakReason property and by the Debugger event OnEnterBreakMode.
dbgExceptionAction Enumeration Used by an exception handler to indicate how the exception should be handled, once the handler is done with it.
dbgExecutionAction Enumeration Describes actions that the debugger performs. Returned by OnEnterBreakMode.
dbgHitCountType Enumeration For breakpoints with hit counts, this enumerator indicates how the number of hits should be interpreted. Used by the HitCountType property.

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