Web Forms Application Walkthroughs

The purpose of these walkthroughs is to show you how to create a Web Forms application that consumes middle-tier components. You will create a Web Forms application to browse an online database of books. From the Web Form displayed in your browser, you can select a book and see details about it. You will write the Web Forms application in Visual C# or Visual Basic and then integrate a business-object component that gives you a discount for purchases. You will create the business objects in two different ways:

The second approach builds on the first walkthrough, where you write the Web Forms application in Visual C# or Visual Basic, and simulates the common situation in which you consume an executable component written by a third party.

Throughout these walkthroughs, you will use a number of tools:

  • The Web Forms Designer
  • The Component Designer
  • The code wizards

You will also accomplish the following:

  • Creating, managing, compiling, and deploying Web Forms pages.
  • Creating a business object with Visual C++ (.NET).
  • Creating a data-access component.
  • Consuming business objects in a Web Forms application.

To complete this walkthrough, you need:

  • Access to a machine running Internet Information Services 5.0 with FrontPage Server Extensions installed.
  • Access to a machine running SQL Server 7.0 or later hosting the pubs database. The pubs database is one of the sample databases that ships with SQL Server 7.0.
    Note   These walkthroughs use Integrated Windows authentication to control access to the SQL server database. To configure your project to use Integrated Windows authentication, follow the steps explained in Using SQL Server in Web Applications. Also, refer to the same topic if you are using a terminal server to run the walkthroughs.

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