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Creating or Adding a Merge Module Project

Merge module projects are used to package files or components that will be shared between multiple applications. They create a merge module (.msm) file that includes all files, resources, registry entries, and setup logic for your component. The resulting .msm file can then be merged into other deployment projects, insuring consistent installation of your component across multiple applications.

Note   Merge Module Projects are not available in the Standard Edition of Visual Basic .NET. For more information, see Visual Basic Standard Edition Features.

To create a new merge module project

  1. On the File menu, point to Add Project, and then click New Project.
  2. In the resulting Add New Project dialog box, select the Setup and Deployment Projects folder.
  3. Choose Merge Module Project.

To add an existing merge module project to a solution

  1. On the File menu, point to Add Project, and then click Existing Project.
  2. In the resulting Add Existing Project dialog box, browse to the location of the merge module project and click Open.

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