We recommend using Visual Studio 2017

Connecting to Remote Resources with Server Explorer

Server Explorer is the server management console for Visual Studio .NET. Use Server Explorer to open data connections and to log on to servers and explore their databases and system services. You can drag nodes from Server Explorer and drop them onto Visual Studio .NET designers. This creates new data components that are preconfigured to reference the item dropped.

To access Server Explorer, select Server Explorer on the View menu. To make the Server Explorer window close automatically when not in use, select Auto Hide on the Window menu.

The following topics provide guidance on using Server Explorer to create and manage data links and database connections.

In This Section

Introduction to Server Explorer
Explains the nodes in Server Explorer and the types of tasks you can perform with this tool window.
Accessing and Initializing Server Explorer
Describes how to open Server Explorer, add and remove servers, and explore these servers for data resources.
Databases in Server Explorer
Provides reference information on the kinds of data sources Server Explorer displays, and guidance on learning more about OLE DB providers..
Displaying Data Sources in Server Explorer
Directs you to topics on creating data connections and displaying links to servers and their databases in Server Explorer.
Adding Items from Server Explorer
Gives procedures for dragging items from Server Explorer to your projects, thus creating data components preconfigured to reference these items.

Related Sections

Data Link Properties Dialog Box
Use this dialog box to display new database connections in Server Explorer.
Server Explorer Window
Use this dialog box to display a server link in Server Explorer.
Add Server Dialog Box
How to display a server link in Server Explorer.
Performing Administrative Tasks on Services
How to use Server Explorer to start and stop system services and perform other administrative tasks.
Server Explorer, Database Tools, Options Dialog Box
How to set default options for Server Explorer.
Data Access Technologies
Selecting the technology best suited to provide the data you need.