This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Specifying Nonstandard File Extensions for Dump Modules

Visual Studio .NET 2003

When reading an old-format dump (crash dump), Visual Studio automatically loads modules with standard extensions (DLL or EXE), but you must tell it about any nonstandard extensions that need to be loaded. For example, if xyz.pkg was loaded in memory when the crash occurred, you must tell Visual Studio about the nonstandard extension PKG.

To specify nonstandard file extensions for modules

  • Specify it in the Command Arguments grid of the Property Pages dialog box. The syntax looks like this:

This example specifies three nonstandard extensions, pkg, drv, and xyz. The period or dot before the extension name is required. Visual Studio searches for modules in the order specified. If you have both exmpl.pkg and exmpl.drv, Visual Studio will find and load exmpl.pkg rather than exmpl.drv.

You can use MODPATH with EXTS, as shown here:


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