This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

QuickWatch Dialog Box

Visual Studio .NET 2003

The QuickWatch dialog box opens when you choose QuickWatch from the Debug menu (the debugger must be in a break state).

The QuickWatch dialog box enables you to view variables and, for unmanaged applications, register contents. You can also view Visual C/C++ expressions, assembly-language expressions, Visual C# expressions, Visual Basic expressions, SQL expressions, and script expressions.

In addition, you can use the QuickWatch dialog box to change the value of any variable or the contents of any register. For more information, see Editing a Value in QuickWatch.

Expression list box
Allows you to type a variable name or any valid expression recognized by the debugger. To evaluate the expression, click the Recalculate button to enter the new expression into the Current value box. The Expression drop-down list contains previously entered expressions that you can select to save the trouble of retyping.
Current value box
Displays the value and type for variables, registers, and expressions you have specified. You can add a variable, register, or expression to this box by typing it in the Expression list box. When you click the Recalculate button, the Current value box will display the expression in the Name column, the value of the expression in the Value column, and the data type of the value in the Type column.
Recalculate button
Click this button to evaluate the variable or expression in the Expression box and display the results in Current value.
Add Watch button
Click this button to add the contents of the Expression box to the Watch window. For more information, see Watch Window.

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