This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Call Stack Window

Visual Studio .NET 2003

To open the Call Stack window, you must be debugging. From the Debug menu, choose Windows and choose Call Stack.

The Call Stack window enables you to view the names of functions on the call stack, parameter types, and parameter values. Call stack information is shown only when the program being debugged is in a break state.

Name column
Shows the name of each function on the call stack. To allow you to distinguish between various calls to the same function, each name is decorated with the following optional information:
  • Module name (not available for SQL debugging)
  • Parameter name
  • Parameter type
  • Parameter value
  • Line number
  • Byte offset (not available for SQL debugging)

You can turn this information on or off by right-clicking the Call Stack window and choosing the appropriate options from the shortcut menu.

You can change the format of the data to hexadecimal in the General, Debugging, Options dialog box or by right-clicking the Call Stack window and choosing the Hexadecimal Display option from the shortcut menu.

Call stack frames for which the debugger could not load symbol information appear in gray.

Language column
Shows the language in which the function is written. This column is empty if the language cannot be determined from the debug info.

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