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Web Application Articles

Visual Studio .NET 2003

This topic contains links to articles, product documentation, and MSDN Library topics containing information about creating Web applications using Visual Studio .NET tools and technologies.


Basics of Cookies in ASP.NET
Explains how to read and write HTTP cookies in an ASP.NET Web application using Visual Basic.
Creating Web Server Control Templates Programmatically
Illustrates how to create templates in code for the Repeater, DataList, and DataGrid ASP.NET server controls, showing examples in both Visual Basic .NET and Visual C# .NET.
Getting Started with XML Web Services in Visual Studio .NET
Find information about getting started creating and accessing XML Web services with Visual Studio .NET. Visual Studio .NET and XML Web services provide a simple, flexible, standards-based model that allows developers to assemble applications from new and existing code, regardless of the platform, programming language, or object model.
Performance Tips and Tricks for ASP.NET Pages Using JScript .NET
Find information to help you improve the performance of ASP.NET pages written in JScript® .NET, particularly pages upgraded from ASP pages written in JScript.
Redirecting an Application to Target a Different XML Web Service During Installation
Demonstrates how to create a Web application that can be redirected to target a different XML Web service by using the URL Behavior property, an Installer class, and a Web Setup project.
Remote Server Configuration for Developing Web Projects Using Visual Studio .NET
Summarizes the software required on the server, access rights, and file system settings that enable developers to create and modify Web sites using projects in Microsoft® Visual Studio® .NET.
Top Questions about the DataGrid Web Server Control
Answers frequently asked questions about using the DataGrid Web server control.
Using Visual Basic .NET to Access Google's Web Service
Learn how to access the Google Web APIs service from a Visual Basic .NET Windows front end. This article describes how to call a SOAP Web service, execute a Google search, access a page in Google's cache, and call the Google spell checker.
Walkthrough: Accessing and Displaying Data with JScript .NET in ASP.NET
Illustrates how to use JScript .NET to write an ASP.NET page that accesses and displays information from a database.
Walkthrough: Accessing the DHTML DOM from C#
Demonstrates how to use the Microsoft Web browser control and the Microsoft Document Object Model (DOM) to programmatically access the elements of any Web page.
Web Projects and Source Control Integration in Visual Studio .NET
Proposes strategies for developing source-controlled Web projects in Visual Studio .NET.
Working with Single-File Web Forms Pages in Visual Studio .NET
Provides an overview of single-file Web Forms pages, how to work with single-file pages in Visual Studio, and how to convert single-file Web Forms pages to code-behind Web Forms pages.

Product Documentation

Designing Distributed Applications
Information on application design decisions, such as system architecture, database design, and international considerations, as well as Enterprise Templates.
Web Forms Application Walkthroughs
Demonstrates the development of an application based on Web Forms by creating an XML Web service and middle-tier components. A Web Forms project is then created to consume them.
Creating Web Applications and Services
Discusses the Web programming spectrum, from creating HTML pages to developing business functionality that you expose via Internet protocols.
Web Walkthroughs
Links to all the topics that give step-by-step demonstrations of Web programming in Visual Basic and Visual C#.
Walkthrough: Creating an XML Web Service Using ATL Server
Describes the process for creating an XML Web service that converts temperatures measured in Fahrenheit to Celsius using native C++ and ATL Server.
Programming the Web with XML Web Services
Presents a guide to XML Web services technology implementations available with Visual Studio and the .NET Framework SDK.
Developing with Visual Studio .NET
Find out about designing, developing, debugging, testing, deploying, and managing applications created with Visual Studio.
.NET Framework
Find out about the .NET Framework Software Development Kit (SDK), which allows developers to build Web-based applications and services that take advantage of the new .NET Framework technology.
.NET Framework Class Library in Visual Studio
Provides links to Visual Studio .NET topics that support the development of features based on classes in the .NET Framework.
Creating ASP.NET Web Applications
Provides the information you need to develop enterprise-class Web applications with ASP.NET.

MSDN Library Links

Introduction to ASP.NET and Web Forms at
Explains how Web Forms are fundamental to Microsoft ASP.NET, shows how to build a Web form, and discusses the controls essential for building a Web Form.
Visual Studio Home page at
Find pointers to product information, technical resources, additional samples and downloads and more.
Articles and Columns
Provides links to articles and other resources related to Microsoft® Visual Studio® .NET.
Visual Basic .NET Articles
Provides links to articles specific to the Visual Basic project and language.
Visual C# .NET Articles
Provides links to articles specific to the Visual C# project and language.
Visual C++ .NET Articles
Provides links to articles specific to the Visual C++ projects and languages, including Managed Extensions for C++.
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Provides links to articles specific to scripting technologies.