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Smart Client and Windows Application Articles

Visual Studio .NET 2003

This topic contains links to articles, product documentation, and MSDN Library topics containing information about creating smart-client applications using Visual Studio .NET tools and technologies.


Debugging Windows Forms Controls Created with Visual Basic .NET or Visual C# .NET
Learn the basics of how to debug your user controls, by creating a host application for them to run in. Stepping through code and setting breakpoints will also be discussed.
Essential Code for Windows Forms Dialog Boxes
Learn the steps for taking advantage of core functionality of Windows Forms dialog boxes (that is, OpenFileDialog, opening a file; SaveFileDialog, saving a file) that has often not been implemented in the .NET Framework classes.
Implementing Drag and Drop in Visual Basic .NET
Demonstrates how to implement drag and drop in common Windows scenarios.
Navigating Multiple Related Tables in an ADO.NET Dataset
A dataset in ADO.NET is an in-memory representation of data that can contain multiple related data tables. This paper describes the methods of navigating these related data tables within a dataset. You will create a Windows® application in Visual Basic® .NET or Visual C#™ .NET that returns related records based on a selected record, as well as compile aggregate information for related records using expression columns.
Shaped Windows Forms and Controls in Visual Studio .NET
It is easy to customize the shape of both Windows Forms and controls. This article walks you through the steps required to customize non-standard forms using an image file and a few property settings. Custom-shaped controls require merely a few lines of code.
Using Windows XP Visual Styles With Controls on Windows Forms
Covers how to incorporate Windows XP visual styles into your Visual Basic and Visual C# Windows applications.
Walkthrough: Creating a Lookup Table on a Data-bound Windows Form
Provides step-by-step instructions for creating a lookup table by creating a data entry form for the Orders table in the Northwind database.
Working with Multiple Forms in Visual Basic .NET: Upgrading to .NET
Describes how working with multiple forms has changed from previous editions of Microsoft Visual Basic and illustrates several key techniques, including displaying a second form, changing the appearance of another form, and using a form as a dialog.

Product Documentation

Designing Distributed Applications
Information on application design decisions, such as system architecture, database design, and international considerations, as well as Enterprise Templates.
Samples and Walkthroughs
Find out about the latest updates in the Duwamish Online and Fitch and Mather sample applications.
Creating Windows Applications
Discusses the making of traditional Windows-based applications.
Windows Forms Walkthroughs
Provides step-by-step instructions for creating a number of Windows applications.
Windows Forms
Provides links to topics about the technologies and tools for creating Windows applications.
Windows Forms Controls
Provides links to topics about the controls designed specifically to work with Windows Forms.
Windows Service Applications
Describes how to create long-running executables.
Accessing Data
Discusses aspects of incorporating data access functionality into your applications.
Programming with Components
Describes components of all kinds, including those you use on servers.
Building C++ Projects in Visual Studio
Discusses using the Visual Studio integrated development environment (IDE) and property pages to build your project.
.NET Framework
Find out about the .NET Framework Software Development Kit (SDK), which allows developers to build Web-based applications and services that take advantage of the new .NET Framework technology.
.NET Framework Class Library in Visual Studio
Provides links to Visual Studio .NET topics that support the development of features based on classes in the .NET Framework.

MSDN Library Links

Visual Studio Home page at
Find pointers to product information, technical resources, additional samples and downloads and more.
Articles and Columns
Provides links to articles and other resources related to Microsoft® Visual Studio® .NET.
Visual Basic .NET Articles
Provides links to articles specific to the Visual Basic project and language.
Visual C# .NET Articles
Provides links to articles specific to the Visual C# project and language.
Visual C++ .NET Articles
Provides links to articles specific to the Visual C++ projects and languages, including Managed Extensions for C++.
JScript .NET Articles
Provides links to articles specific to scripting technologies.