This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Remote Server Configuration for Developing Web Projects Using Visual Studio .NET

Visual Studio .NET 2003

Valerie Whitcomb
Visual Studio Team
Microsoft Corporation

January 2002

Summary: This paper summarizes the software required on the server, access rights, and file system settings that enable developers to create and modify Web sites using projects in Microsoft® Visual Studio® .NET. (3 printed pages)


Software Requirements
File Share Access Rights
Internet Connection Properties on Local Machines


Do you want to configure a server so that others on the network can create Web projects? You need to provide the software, file share access rights, and local machine settings to make Web development possible.

This article assumes that you are familiar with creating Web projects in Visual Studio .NET, using Internet Information Services (IIS), and modifying user groups on the operating system.

Software Requirements

The server needs the following software installed before Web projects in Visual Studio .NET can create and modify Web sites:

  • Internet Information Services (IIS)
  • FrontPage® Server Extensions (FPSE) that are available with IIS
  • Visual Studio .NET Server Components

For more information, see "Visual Studio .NET Software Requirements" in the online documentation.

File Share Access Rights

After Visual Studio .NET has successfully connected to the Web server, it works with IIS to mark the Web folder as an application root. It also works with the file system to create the directory used by the file system to locate the Web files on the Web server. If the server does not have the appropriate security settings, the attempt to create a Web site in IIS fails.

You can provide appropriate access rights by adding developers to the user group, VS Developers, which is created when the Visual Studio .NET components are installed. This user group has the same access rights as do members of the Operator user group but fewer rights than members of the Administrator user group. Because members of VS Developers have extensive rights on the machine, you should add only those users who need to develop Web projects on the machine.

Web developers need access rights to complete the following actions on the server:

  • Creating a directory in the file system and writing to files.
  • Specifying the application root in IIS.
  • Authoring Web sites, if your project is connecting through FPSE.

For more information, see "Web Application Security at Design Time in Visual Studio" in the online documentation.

Internet Connection Properties on Local Machines

In order for a Web developer to connect to your server, the Internet connection must bypass the proxy server when requesting local addresses. This setting is necessary when developing on a local LAN that uses a proxy or firewall to access the Internet. The option for this is available by editing the LAN settings on the Internet connection.


Your server is ready for Web developers using Visual Studio .NET if you can answer "yes" to the following questions:

  • Are IIS and FPSE installed and configured?
  • Are the Visual Studio .NET Server Components installed?
  • Do the developers have membership in the VS Developers user group provided by Visual Studio .NET?
  • Are proxy settings for Internet connections on the developers' machines properly configured?

After the server is configured for Web development, developers can create a Web project and concentrate on developing the Web form pages and other items that specify the functionality of your Web application or service.

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